Lindsay Lohan现在是一名已婚妇女了!

On July 2, the star announced that she got married to her fiancé, Bader Shammas, in a sweet Instagram post.7 月 2 日,这位明星在一篇甜蜜的 Instagram 帖子中宣布她与未婚夫巴德·沙玛斯结婚。

I am the luckiest woman in the world," Lohan, 36, wrote. "You found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time. I am stunned that you are my husband. My life and my everything. ??every woman should feel like this everyday ."我是世界上最幸运的女人,”36 岁的罗韩写道。“你找到了我,知道我想同时找到幸福和优雅。 我惊呆了,你是我的丈夫, 我的生活和我的一切。 ??每个女人每天都应该有这样的感觉。”

Next to Lohan's heartfelt caption was a picture of her and Shammas smiling.罗韩发自内心的标题旁边是一张她和莎玛斯微笑的照片。


Representatives for Lohan confirmed to TODAY that the pair had tied the knot, though no details were given. Lohan didn't confirm when she had married Shammas, but July 2 holds special weight for the star: It's also her birthday.罗韩的代表向TODAY证实,这对夫妇已经喜结连理,但没有给出细节。 罗韩没有证实她何时与莎玛斯结婚,但 7 月 2 日对这位明星来说意义重大:这也是她的生日。

In November 2021, Lohan and Shammas got engaged and the "Mean Girls" actor announced the happy news in a post she shared on Instagram.2021 年 11 月,罗韩和沙玛斯订婚,这位“贱女孩”演员在她在 Instagram 上分享的帖子中宣布了这一喜讯。

According to The Independent, Lohan and Shammas had been privately dating for two years before their engagement. Lohan has reportedly been living in Shammas' hometown of Dubai.据《独立报》报道,罗韩和沙玛斯在订婚前已经私下约会了两年。 据报道,罗韩一直住在沙马斯的家乡迪拜


The Independent also reports that Shammas is the assistant vice president of the global investments bank, Credit Suisse.《独立报》还报道称,沙马斯是全球投资银行瑞士信贷的助理副总裁。

A month after Lohan announced their engagement, she shared some cute photos of her and Shammas enjoying a beautiful snow day.在罗韩宣布订婚一个月后,她分享了一些她和莎玛斯享受美丽雪天的可爱照片。

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