英语为你解读从流浪艺人到专业演奏家 From wandering artist to professional performer 一粒种子只有在穿破泥土后,才能够在阳光下发芽;一只小鸟只 有折断无数根羽毛,才能够锤炼出凌空的翅膀;一个小女孩要实现演 奏家的梦想,也难免要经历一番磨难。A seed can germinate in the sun only after it has broken through the earth; a bird can beat its wings only when it has broken countless feathers; if a little girl wants to realize her dream, it is inevitable that she will have to go through some hardships.

这个小女孩叫雅琴,生于音乐世家,在部队大院长大。The little girl, named Yaqin, was born in a musical family and grew up in a military compound. 在她4岁 的时候,开始跟叔叔学拉小提琴,上高中的时候,又跟父亲学吹享车 斯。When she was four years old, she began to learn to play the violin with her uncle, and when she was in high school, she learned to play the car with her father. 从此,她迷恋上了这种乐器,希望成为一名萨克斯演奏家。From then on, she became infatuated with the instrument and hoped to become a saxophonist.

为了成就自己的梦想,雅琴开始了自己的演奏生涯。In order to achieve his dream, Yaqin began his own career.有一次,在 一所大学的毕业典礼上,雅琴用萨克斯吹了一首曲子,得到老师和同 学的赞叹。Once, at the graduation ceremony of a university, Yaqin played a tune with saxophone, which was praised by teachers and classmates. 面对师生的赞誉,她只是微微一笑,没有人知道她为此下 了多少功夫,流了多少汗水。In the face of praise from teachers and students, she just smiled. No one knows how much effort she has worked and how much sweat she has shed. 其实,雅琴学的并不是音乐专业,而是 饭店管理专业,本来大学毕业后有个大饭店聘用她,可是喜爱音乐的 她却舍弃了这个难得的机会,到一家乐器行向老板毛遂自荐:“你们 这儿要不要业务员?我会吹萨克斯。”In fact, Yaqin did not majored in music, but in hotel management. Originally, a big hotel hired her after graduating from college, but she gave up this rare opportunity because she loved music. To a music shop to the boss volunteered: "Do you want a salesman here?" I can play saxophone. "于是她终于如愿以偿地成为名乐器销售员。So she finally became a musical instrument salesman.

20岁时,雅琴遇到一个女子乐队,乐队提出带她到广东发展。When she was 20, Yaqin met a girl band who offered to take her to Guangdong.

她非常高兴,也不问报酬是多少,只懂憬着在音乐事业上能够做出一 番成绩,就跟女子乐队出发了。She was very happy, didn't ask how much she was paid, and only thought that she could make some achievements in her music career, so she set out with the girl band. 她随乐队来到广东汕头的一家夜总 会,看到眼前的景象她感到十分意外。She went with the band to a nightclub in Shantou, Guangdong, and was surprised to see what she saw before her. 她从来没有到过这种灯红酒绿的地方、这里能够让她实线目的想吗?她不禁表示怀疑。She has never been to such a place of debauchery. Can she think about it in real terms here? She could not help doubting. 两个用 结、推琴终因不合群雨离开乐队。Two knot, push the piano end of the band because of the unsociable rain.这时,她已经非常明白,在这种地 方是不可能实现自己梦想的。By this time, she had understood very well that it was impossible to realize her dream in such a place. 雅琴只好背着萨克斯开始了流浪人的生涯。Yaqin had to start his vagabond life behind sax's back.为了生活和练习演 水平、她不得不经常好场演出、到一个生的城市、都会先打听 儿有可以提供演要的场所、然信感出走斯、两问负责人是不是需 要吹乐器的人。In order to live and practice performance, she has to perform well often. When she goes to a newborn city, she will listen first. There are places that can provide performances. However, the sense of faith went out and asked the person in charge if he needed to play an instrument. 但是、在一般的小城市、很少有人见过克斯这种乐 器、更别说欣克斯演奏了、有一天、她在合上演了一首曲子,没想到观众几乎走了一半。 However, in ordinary small cities, few people have seen this instrument, let alone Hincks. One day, she put on a piece together, but the audience almost walked halfway.于是时老板说瞻也不让她在那里演 奏了。So the boss said Zhan wouldn't let her play there. 有时候甚至还碰上演奏完后,对方分文不给的事情。Sometimes it even happens that the other party doesn't give a penny after playing.雅 琴对此虽无可奈何,却也从不后悔,她说:“我从来就没有对名 利动心,只知道演奏萨克斯是我唯一的梦想,我所有的努力都 是为了它。Although Yaqin has no choice, she never regrets it. "I have never been tempted by fame and wealth. I only know that playing saxophone is my only dream, and all my efforts are for it.

因为没有固定工作,雅琴的收人也不稳定,生活比较窘迫。Because there is no fixed job, Yaqin's income is unstable, and his life is relatively difficult.对 于这些困难,她无怨无悔,即使在最艰难的时刻,她也没有想过 放弃自已的梦想。For these difficulties, she has no regrets, even in the most difficult moments, she never thought of giving up her dream. 她非常执着,无论到哪儿,母天都要练习吹奏 六七个小时。She is very persistent. Wherever she goes, she has to practice playing for six or seven hours.她说:“流浪的日子使我变得淡定自信,在忍耐中 学会了等待。”She said: "The days of wandering made me calm and confident, and I learned to wait patiently." 功夫不负有心人。Hard work pays off.雅琴的付出终于换来了人 生的转机,她四次应邀赴欧洲演出,无论德国、法国,还定比利 的,她的母场演出都引起巨大轰动。She was invited to perform in Europe four times, whether in Germany or France, or in Billy 's, and her mother' s sensational. 她在卢森堡演奏完《梁祝 》和《采利花》两首曲子之后,赢得了经久不息的掌声,她三次 登台谢幕。After playing Liang Zhu and Cai Lihua in Luxembourg, she won long applause and took the stage to finish the curtain three times. 看到听众们的热烈反应,雅琴微笑地说:“这是我努 力的结果,我终于实现了我的梦想!”Seeing the enthusiastic response of the audience, Yaqin smiled and said, "This is the result of my hard work. I finally realized my dream!"





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